Andromeda Industries

Andromeda Industries Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned and operated company located in regional NSW, It is the present entity of a series of firms and companies originated and operated by Raymond McLaren since 1962.

Over the years Andromeda has established itself as an innovator in the wire rope industry in Australia. Its special field is the design and manufacture of plaited and woven steel cables for rigging gear and terminal systems for these cables. The ability to carry through with research projects and apply the results has led to successful development of new products and manufacturing processes. Some of the research projects required many years before production commenced.
Superflex is our signature product that is made at our production plant here is Australia, with our product range from 10mm to 96mm cable. Our TwentyFour-0 (96mm) Superflex slings have the lifting capability of 84.3t in single fall.
Our other main product are our steel Flat Woven slings, have a look at the range on our Website.
Our first machining capability was establishment in 1976 and this has enabled the company to carry out these projects, and to manufacture the tools and machines to make the products. This early capability has been continued through to the present high tech machine tools employed in our Engineering Division.

Although much of the production technology is basically simple, it is quite original, meaning completely new, not copied from other companies. Powered by this originality, five products enjoy the status of a monopoly, while the rest are virtual monopolies.

The basis of the company is technical, that is the manufacture of physical products, the management believe that the human and social responsibilities are equally important.

19-45 Charles Street

International Phone: +61 2 6760 3773

Web Contact Person: Anette Williams

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