CMC Lift

CMC is an old well-known name of Italian manufacturing companies in the aerial platforms industry; our history started more than 30 years ago and for 22 years we are manufacturing lifts. Please take a look at our product palette in the brochure attached. For further info, please visit our website:

We offer the widest range of machines on the market, ranging from 13 meters to 41 meters of working height, plus a brand new insulated CMC i23, the first platform of its kind. Each machine is completely manufactured and made in Italy by CMC, using high-quality materials and parts chosen from the leading companies of Italy and Germany. To further ensure the quality of our products, every machine is tested before being delivered to our customers. Every machine in our range is supplied with the following U.S.P.s:

  • modern design
  • high quality
  • high reliability
  • strong after-sales services
  • fast spare parts deliveries
  • safety

Every model in our range can be supplied in different versions with different powers:

  • Petrol Engine
  • Diesel Engine
  • Eco Power Full Lithium battery
  • Electric Pump 110v, 220v, 230v
  • Hybrid

More than 120 people are working at CMC every day, in two plants, developing a turnover of approx. € 50Mio in 2021. 

We are even the nr. 1  market leader company in terms of units shipped and sold of spider lifts in the USA at the moment; our figures show between 45 and 50 machines shipped there every month.

Our machines are optimized in terms of weight/performance and are designed in partnership with the Engineering Dept. of the Technical University of Bari (one of the best Polytechnic Institutes in Italy): you will be positively surprised when comparing our working diagrams and stabilizing area with other manufacturers’.

Via Bitritto 119
Bari BA
70124 ITALY

Phone: +39 080 532 6606

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