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In 2009, Elebia introduced a revolutionary new and unique concept in crane hooks: the automatic crane hook.
The patented Elebia system consisted of a motorized automatic hook that incorporated a powerful magnet that attracts and positions the ring, adjusts the lifting hook and elevates the load remotely. The automatic hook allowed you to remotely attach and release any load with no handling, increasing safety and productivity.
Three years later, it presented it’s second generation of hooks; smaller, lighter, more resistant and more efficient.
Today, it’s improved and redesigned third generation represents a giant step towards the crane hook of the future: The smart hook.
In 2017 we launched the C5 Automatic Lifting Clamp, exclusively designed for the lifting and moving of steel plates, beams and/or pipes.
And 2018 has seen us launch the NEO20, the lifting hook for bell furnaces, designed as a solution for lifting and transporting bell furnaces, as well as for oversized lifting points.
Our products represent a new solution in the lifting industry and consolidate our position as the market leader in automatic lifting solutions and lifting equipment.
No matter what your industry is, our Smart Lifting Solutions will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes.

Plaça Pere Llauger Prim S/N, Naus 10-11 Polígon Industrial Can Misser
08360 SPAIN

International Phone: +34 93 543 4706
Email: info@elebia.com
Website: http://www.elebia.com

Contact Person: Esteve Fornells

Web Contact Person: Esteve Fornells

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