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Gebuwin was founded in 1947 and is located in Winterswijk. We are your partner for hoisting and pulling products, with the emphasis on hand driven winches. In addition, we are the right place for your punching parts and turning parts, sub assemblies and complete end products.

We have approximately 2,000 m2 floor space available for production. This is furnished with 3 CNC turning lathes, 5 milling machines, 1 NC saw, 5 stamping machines, 2 of which with automatic feed and a cutting shear. We also have 2 CO2 welding units and an electrostatic wet paint shop at our disposal, which uses a phosphating process to prepare the products for painting. To complete the production facilities, we have an assembly line with 3 assembling units and 1 final inspection station. We also have access over a testing installation which is used for static and dynamic testing of the winches.

Gebuwin has a flat organisation structure with an informal character. With an enthusiastic team of about 12 professionals, we ensure that your product and all associated services are well taken care of. We consider it essential to have an excellent delivery reliability, service and flexibility, linked to a competitive price/quality ratio.

Headquarters Industrieweg 6
7102 DZ Wintersw NETHERLANDS

Website: Gebuwin BV Metal Products

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