Global Lifting Group

Over 10,000 businesses trust our lifting and rigging experts.

The Global Lifting Group represents the interests of many of Australasia’s leading lifting, rigging and height safety suppliers.

We partner with leading local and global suppliers including SpanSet, Townley, KITO PWB and Titan Lifting to bring customers the very best in quality and value for money equipment.

Collectively as a group, our members provide an extensive range of services from inspection and testing to equipment sales across Australia. These include:

  • Inspection, testing, and repairs
  • Crane installations and compliance
  • Anchor points
  • Height Safety training
  • Hire equipment
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) services
  • Lifting equipment asset management

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Want to join a supportive group of like-minded lifting, rigging and height safety specialists?

To enquire about becoming a member or an equipment supplier to the group please contact Mark Heath on +61 (0) 419 746 044.

International Phone: +61 419 746 044

Web Contact Person: Mark Heath


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