More than 50 years of experience, personalized service and the high product quality, have made JASO Industrial Cranes one of the global leaders for standard and custom-made cranes for the iron and steel industry, paper mills, power stations, automotive industry, construction, shipbuilding industry, etc.

With more than 350 employees JASO Industrial Cranes counts with a production surface of 33.500 m² worldwide and production facilities in Spain (Itsasondo-Gipuzkoa and Palencia), Mexico, Argentina and India.

All of it has resulted in more than 52.000 units supplied since 1965 in 21 countries, with an outstanding presence in markets like Europe, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Northern Africa, USA, Central America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Malaysia among others.

We design and produce the lifting devices that equip our cranes, in accordance with FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling) and in compliance with all norms and regulations of the EU. Therefore, all our machines are certified with the Declaration of Conformity “CE”.

Furthermore, JASO Industrial Cranes is certified since 2003 by LLOYD´S REGISTER LRQ with the ISO 9001 certificate, for an assurance of excellent quality in all our processes.

Thanks to the international expansion during the last years, and with help of the experience achieved in the different markets, since 2012 JASO Industrial Cranes can develop cranes according to the standards and specifications of the Russian GOST certificate (CU TR – Customs Union Technical Requirements).

We are currently in the process of acquiring the American CMAA standard specifications. We will add this new engineering standard for specific products.

Ctra. Madrid-Irún, km 426
Itsasondo, Gipuzkoa
20249 SPAIN

International Phone: +34 943 80 52 00
Email: info@jasoindustrial.com
Website: http://www.jasoindustrial.com

Contact Person: Raúl Fernández

Web Contact Person: Raúl Fernández

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