KULI Hebezeuge – Helmut Kempkes GmbH

KULI Hebezeuge – Helmut Kempkes GmbH is a medium-sized, family owned company, offering a wide range of cranes and crane components for loads between 125 kg to 200 t, such as

• Electric wire rope hoists
• Overhead travelling cranes
• Underslung cranes
• Gantry canes
• Wall mounted travelling jib cranes
• Electric chain hoists
• Standardized components, such as wheel bogies, control panels etc.

Since 1922 already, KULI lifting equipment has been manufactured in Remscheid, Germany, an industrial town in the Rhine-Ruhr area with a long history of steel production. Ever since, high technical performance and competence is assured by both, the extensive technical know-how we built up in this long time and an approved design. For the size of company we have, we own a large technical design department, giving us the opportunity besides our standard range of fulfilling nearly all special requirements and supply tailor-made equipment to our customers.

We own two facilities, both in Remscheid, Germany, with a total size of 17.000 m2. The head office with an enclosed production site is located in the centre of the city and in the end of the 70th of last century we built up a second production facility, whilst focussing an enormous growth of business.

Ever since KULI went the way of “Make” instead of “Buy”. Whilst many companies decided, to just keep the main part of the business, KULI kept a wider range of activities. For example: We still manufacture our own motors in our German facilities, which gives us the opportunity of a fast reaction, a really tailor-made component, also with regard to voltage and frequency, since we even do the windings by ourselves. This guarantees a stable process even in countries with higher current fluctuations. Gears, gearboxes, rope drums, controal panels as well as frames or steelworks are other products made by ourselves and therewith we are known for high sophisticated quality products in far over 100 countries worldwide.

Bismarckstr. 59

International Phone: +49 (0)2191 4340
International Fax: +49 (0)2191 43445
Email: export@kuli.com
Website: Lifting Equipment

Contact Person: Oliver Riese

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