In manufacturing industry today, productivity is more
important than ever. To optimise performance and
keep downtime to a minimum, our biggest weapon is
technology. With continuous research into electronics
design and development, data transmission, ergonomics
and material technology, Our vision is to provide the best
and most efficient product possible.
Thanks to this vision, REMdevice positions itself among
the most competitive and advanced world manufacturers
in the industrial safety radio control equipment field.

Of course, moving from today to tomorrow is a challenge.
We are increasingly aware of computer aided design (CAD),
Computer aided manufacturing (CAM), Industry 4.0 and the
smart factory. We innovate constantly to provide the best
functionality, safety and efficiency available on the market.
Our engineers are open minded, flexible to new ideas,
customer focussed and responsive.

Electronics, materials, production. REMdevice radio controls
are designed, produced, checked and guaranteed to
establish new high standards and performance in the field
of industrial control systems.
Their exclusive characteristics place them at the highest
level in today’s offer in terms of technology and design,
aimed at meeting expectations only partially met by the
market up until today. REMdevice engineers produce state
of the art systems unique in the market.

Via A. Munari, 72
I-36055 ITALY

International Phone: + 39 0424 500262
International Fax: +39 0424 508631


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