LHA March/April 2021

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Face Time: Embracing environmental issues and modern technology, Richard Crake, chairman and managing director of Pacific Hoists talks to Maria Hadlow about what can be achieved when you turn challenges to your advantage.

Using online asset management systems to track the inspection history of lifting components can help ensure that each piece of equipment is in good condition and safe to use.

The Insider says think about what’s more important: where a product is from or its compliance with relevant standards.

With lithium-ion batteries offering an array of new possibilities for EWPs, there has never been a better time to look at all-electric and hybrid drive trains. Dan Jenkins reports.

A requirement for high standards makes us who we are, says Justin Boehm, member engagement manager for Australia at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

Pneumatic hoists offer a range of benefits making them a cost effective and powerful solution even away from hazardous and explosive environments.

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