13/01/2020 - 10:36 am

Corvus Energy to supply batteries for new fuel-efficient hybrid port cranes

Corvus Energy is very pleased to announce that we have been selected by CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering (CCCCSEE) and ZPMC to supply Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for 25 new battery-hybrid Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) cranes. The battery-hybrid RTG cranes will be deployed by the South Carolina Port Authority (SCPA), where they are expected to reduce fuel consumption by up to 65% compared to conventional diesel-electric port cranes.

CCCCSEE will fit two sets of Corvus battery-based ESSs onto each of 25 RTG cranes manufactured by ZPMC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of port cranes.

The hybrid cranes can be powered primarily by the Corvus batteries, resulting in the estimated 65% fuel savings and reduced operating costs, as well as lower GHG and particulate emissions and noise levels in the port along with enhanced crane performance and reliability. Further, system efficiency can be enhanced to 96% by channelling regenerative energy back to the battery during container lowering operations.

“Corvus Energy has definitely shifted the economics and viability of converting diesel port equipment to battery-hybrid electric with their Orca Energy system,” says Gao Jianzhong, chief engineer at CCCCSEE.

“Through previous deliveries, Corvus has proven that the performance, durability and reliability of its battery systems is suited to the demands of our port crane applications,” says Jianzhong, reflecting on CCCCSEE’s experience with the 73 Corvus ESSs already delivered and operating. “Exceeding all requirements and expectations, Corvus ESS technology is a solid cornerstone and part of our future strategy for technological advancement.”

Pradeep Datar, vice president of sales Asia at Corvus Energy says, “The design and performance of Corvus Orca ESS support an RTG crane’s aggressive load profiles with a significant reduction in costs. Close cooperation between Corvus’ Asian and North American offices helped to meet demanding requirements of SCPA in addition to ZPMC and CCCCSEE.

“With this order, over 90 RTG cranes will be using a Corvus Energy ESS. Corvus technology continues to be the answer for progressive port operators worldwide who seek to increase efficiencies while reducing emissions and the environmental impact of their operations.”

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