09/04/2020 - 00:37 am

Dingli’s 22m RT scissor gets an upgrade

Elevated work platform manufacturer Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. has made an addition to its JCPT2223RTB model launched in October of last year.

The new JCPT2223DC, includes all of the features of the RTB with the exception of a 620Ah lead acid battery which offers more than eight hours working time at full power.

The Chinese-based firm says the machine has “all the characteristics of pure electric drive” with the advantages of energy efficiency and zero noise and emissions. Making it suitable for worksites with high environmental requirements.

As with its predecessor, the DC version has a safe working load of 750kg with a maximum working height of 22 meters. The platform, measuring 4.94m x 2.25m with an extending platform of 2.7m, can accommodate four workers in the basket at any one time.

The rough terrain scissor weighs 13,400kg, has a 30% gradeability and self-levelling hydraulic outriggers. Overall height in stowed position, with the rails down, is 3m.

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