12/11/2020 - 13:06 pm

Hainan Airlines chooses Skyjack EWPs

Hainan Airlines, China has just taken delivery of an order of Skyjack electric scissors and articulating booms.

The airline chose Skyjack products due to their reputation for manoeuverability and precise positioning capabilities which is required within the aviation industry. Today, there are more than 30 Skyjack machines in use by Hainan Airlines in different locations across China.

“We have rich sales experience in the aviation industry as the distributor of Skyjack in Southern China. The equipment is used in many airports and by many airline companies for aircraft maintenance,” says Mr Fu, from Skyjack’s dealer Guangzhou FTZ E Strong Co Ltd. “The multiple deliveries proves the trust of the end users and the strong recognition of Skyjack’s brand within our area.”

The orders to date have included a combination of: SJ4740 DC electric scissor lifts; SJ46 and 63 AJ articulating booms and two full-size rough terrain models.

The COVID-19 outbreak had a significant impact on the airline industry worldwide, and in order to get back to recovery, more efficient equipment was requested within this region. The SJ4740’s SKYCODED control system and rigid scissor stack make it ideal for airport ramp applications where precise positioning and impressive platform height are required. The SJ63 AJ’s industry-leading horizontal reach and up-and-over clearance allows access to areas on a job site that may not be accessible otherwise.

Skyjack’s business director for Asia, Simon Cracknell comment “We’re very pleased to see our customer choose Skyjack again for their aviation needs. For indoor and outdoor applications, Skyjack is famous for its simple reliability. At the same time I’d like to thank our dealer E Strong, who just celebrated their 20th year anniversary.”

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