22/03/2020 - 21:43 pm

Hyster celebrates 60 years of Asia-Pacific service and solutions leadership

Hyster-Yale Group, Inc is celebrating 60 years of growth since Hyster’s establishment in Australia and ongoing expansion throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The celebrations – marked with a thank you function for staff at the same Sydney HQ inaugurated in 1960 – highlight a series of company milestones and achievements that have seen the Hyster-Yale Group spread its influence locally and regionally with its global range of materials handling equipment and expanding network of strong, service-oriented dealers responsive to each unique market.

“The range available to satisfy diverse needs throughout the region now extends from the largest container handlers and reach stackers, through nearly every type and size of warehouse equipment, to lift trucks suitable for handling all types of palletised or non-palletised loads,” said Hyster-Yale vice president of Big Trucks and Solutions, JAPIC, Tony Fagg.

Hyster-Yale Asia-Pacific continues to evolve a stream of innovation, including the introduction last year of the new Hyster UT and Yale UX series diesel or dual-fuel counterbalance lift trucks, pallet trucks and stackers, which deliver an affordable and uncomplicated range for low intensity applications across many Asia-Pacific industries, including food and beverage, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and intermodal distribution.

“Hyster’s reputation for rugged strength, reliability and service backing – originally founded on our machinery’s performance in lumber yards, ports and the military during World War II – was rapidly spreading worldwide as the Australian HQ was established in 1960,” Fagg said.
By 1960, Hyster’s product line had grown from the original Hyster winches used on battlefields and the first “Handy Andy” small forklift, to a range of 130 models spanning five classes.

The company forged powerful partnerships across the globe, a process which was extended down under from those early days by the growth of a strong professional dealer and service network extending across Asia-Pacific. Mr Fagg described these as “strong relationships that are in turn backed by Hyster Asia-Pacific building relationships and partnering with customers, suppliers, dealers, and employees.”

“Our ongoing objective, now as well as then, is to offer the broadest possible range of materials handling solutions choice to customers in the region. Today, this is supplied through our long-established and expanding local dealer network and draws on the diverse capabilities of manufacturing facilities that have evolved to serve our diverse markets. Our major manufacturing facilities in America, China and Europe all produce to the standards of quality and value on which the Hyster brand was founded.”

A milestone in the expanding distribution process was established recently when the company complemented its network of south-east Asia dealers with the establishment of Hyster-Yale Lift Trucks Singapore Pte Ltd.

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