05/02/2021 - 14:05 pm

Kito PWB winds down chain manufacture

Kito PWB is engaged in two distinct activities in Australia; marketing and distribution of the range of Kito Hoists, as well as manufacturing and marketing of PWB chain products.

After leading chain manufacturing in Australia for almost 100 years, the company has recently experiencd a significant reduction in production activity within the chain manufacturing department. This reduction has led the Kito PWB management team to the conclusion that its chain manufacturing process is no longer viable and as a consequence has decided to cease manufacturing chain in Australia. The process of closing these activities will commence immediately and is expected to conclude by June 2021.

Tony Stephens, managing director of Kito PWB said in a letter to customers,Importantly we will not be exiting the chain market but will transition from being a manufacturer to an importer of chain from our global Kito Group companies in Japan, Italy, and the USA, and we will of course continue to market and distribute the world-class Kito brand of Hoist products. We assure you that we will maintain reliable service and supply of the same best-in-class products into the future.”

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