25/01/2021 - 21:15 pm
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MEWP training at LGMG

The first Chinese MEWP operators training course was held at LGMG at the end of last year. The training course was organised by the China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) in order to improve the healthy development of the industry and ensure the safety of operators. Some 22 trainees from China’s major rental companies attended the training course.

At the opening ceremony, CCMA held in-depth discussions and exchanges with LGMG and many Chinese rental companies on industry standards, safety, service, the market and other MEWP related issues and visited the LGMG training centre.

In recent years, China’s MEWP industry has developed rapidly and the safety of operators is getting more attention. Using the authority of CCMA to organise such training course helped to involve in a wider range of industries and greatly reduce the burden on manufacturers and rental companies. It also promotes the career development of the operators.

LGMG, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of aerial work platforms and has participated in the development of industry standards in recent years. At the training event, it was able to take the opportunity to provide high-quality training services to more operators and ensure that worksite operations become more safe and efficient.

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