28/10/2020 - 14:54 pm

Omni to consolidate product brands as Omni Powertrain Technologies

Omni USA, Inc., the parent firm for Omni Gear, RPM Drivelines, GB Transmissions, FloTorq Hydraulics, and Magelec Propulsion, has announced the consolidation of their separate brands under a new organisational name – Omni Powertrain Technologies.  

The change reflects an increased capacity for the business to blend the separate technologies in order to offer complete solutions for modern powertrains within tthe markets they serve, including agricultural and construction equipment, and commercial vehicles.

Jeff Daniel, CEO at Omni Powertrain states “Historically, we have been considered a provider for components.  Today, our customers require a broader approach, blending our capabilities with mechanical, hydraulic, and electric systems to offer tailored solutions for their end to end powertrain needs.”


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