01/04/2020 - 14:42 pm

Palazzani takes measures to protect staff

Palazzani Industrie SpA is safeguarding its employees’ health during the COVID-19 crisis by taking preventative measures and implementing smart working practices.

The company says that during the difficult situation relating to the spread of Covid-19, it would like to confirm that Palazzani Industrie SpA has immediately reorganised and adapted all the safety protocols according to the regulations, to protect staff health.

In a statement Palazzani says, “In addition to the Government measures, we have moved independently to integrate the precautionary measures and guarantee workers’ highest safety. All offices, dining room, changing rooms as well as production departments have been sanitised by specialist companies.

“All our collaborators are operating smart working practices to minimise physical contact and they daily update each other about the company’s internal and external situation through remote communication tools including remote business meetings.”

Palazzani is actively and constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation; all elements of potential risk will be managed in a specific and timely manner.

The company says it is close to its City Community, which is the most affected in Italy by this emergency, and it is actively supporting the AiutiAMObrescia (WeHelpBrescia) fundraising campaign, aimed at supporting its city health system which is strongly committed to face coronavirus.

Palazzani says, “Since we believe it is essential to guarantee as much as possible our Staff serenity and protection during this sensitive time, we have issued an extraordinary health policy “Covid-19” for them through our Insurance Broker.”

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