20/07/2020 - 19:26 pm

Raniero delivers 25t electric forklift to South Korea

At the beginning of February Italian manufacturer Raniero delivered a redesigned AC250-8-CO 120V forklift truck with a lowered height profile to South Korea. The truck was developed for a Korean company producing special steels for the aerospace industry. The project is the result of a collaboration with Manho Trading, distributor of forklift trucks and logistic solutions in South Korea.

The project has required Manho Trading to survey the types of loads to be handled and the possible maximum dimensions at the customer’s premises. Manho also established the gradients and overall dimensions present in the aisles inside the storage sheds and the operational autonomy required for the truck.

The client company that purchased our forklift truck is a Korean company listed in the main Asian financial markets. It produces plates, cylinders, tubes and other special steels for the aeronautical and aerospace sectors. It has chosen the option of an electric forklift for greater sensitivity to environmental aspects and to aspects related to the reduction of daily costs of using the forklift.

Based on these elements collected by its Korean distributor Raniero redesigned its AC250-8-CO 120V: with 25000kg capacity, 800mm load centre and compact in length. The forklift has been lowered from the standard 3100mm to a total height of 2690mm to allow the trolley to pass between doors and tunnels which are 2900mm high.

It is equipped with a triplex mast with free lift, a side shifter independent from the fork positioner and two kits of forks, which are quickly interchangeable with each other to be able to handle various types of loads positioned on different conveyor belts that have different fork carrier plates in different sizes. The cab, with roof and windows, offers a wide visibility to the operator. Ramiero has included three video cameras:  one to allow the operator to have a better visibility in reverse; the other two mounted on the fork carrier plate and one on the left profile of the mast to make material handling easier.

The truck has been equipped with two 120V 1860Ah batteries each to be available for unloading/loading lorries and in stock within 24 hours. Each battery offers an operating autonomy of seven hours and are interchangeable in less than three minutes.

Raniero has sent two of its technicians during the delivery of the forklift truck to South Korea. The installation of the mast, forks and cabin took a day’s work. The second day was used for training of the operators and training the Manho Trading technicians. At the same time, this course explained how to use the Raniero software.

The Raniero software was developed by the company. It allows technicians to monitor every single forklift either by connecting it directly to the forklift or remotely from their office. They can configure it and obtain information in real time or in each moment/period in the past – to these functions is added a rich data base regarding the machine functions, suggestions and explanations to possible anomalies detected.

In early 2021 Raniero will deliver a second truck with similar specifications.

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