13/12/2021 - 10:36 am

RMB Lifting to trade as LiftQuip Australia

Although it traded under the name RMB Lifting, the Australian company specialising in product and service applications in the fields of wire rope, lifting, rigging, height safety, load restraint, hoisting, materials handling, PPE and workwear was always named LiftQuip Australia.

Now the company is undergoing a rebranding and change of trading name and will move forward with the company name of LiftQuip Australia.

Mark Eberhard, managing director at LiftQuip told LHA, “RMB Lifting (LiftQuip Australia) and RMB Service Group are separate companies that have different areas of focus.  Both using the RMB name created some confusion amongst customers – we wanted to remove this confusion.”The company says that all members of the team remain the same and it is committed to continuing to provide high levels of customer service.

For a combined total of over 80 years, the team at LiftQuip Australia has been involved in the crane and lifting industry, offering quality products and personalised service. Founded in South Australia, LiftQuip is also a distributor of Casar Technical wire ropes Spanset height safety products and Kito hoisting equipment.

With a full-service offering including on-site inspection and testing, as well as in house manufacturing of lifting and spreader beams, LiftQuip Australia can provide a comprehensive lifting, safety and materials handling service.

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