06/07/2020 - 16:27 pm

#GLAD2020 – celebrate lifting

On Thursday the 9th of July we are celebrating the Global Lifting Awareness Day 2020, or GLAD2020 for short. This is the day the global lifting industry can stand up and be absolutely proud of our achievements. In my years before joining LEEA I was blissfully unaware of the lifting industry, but just 18 months into my time here I am astonished at just how amazing our industry is and I’m learning something new all the time. The breadth and depth of what we do, where we do it and how complex it can be has been eye opening to say the least. From mega moves to black stage rigging. From shackles to Virtual Reality simulations. This industry has it all.

To help celebrate our achievements LEEA and our partners are promoting GLAD2020, which with the support of our members, is our opportunity to stand tall and shout how proud we are to be a part of this exciting, globally important industry. One of the key messages I’m hopeful GLAD2020 portrays, is that we are a growing, stable industry with our best days in front of us. We are an essential service, as was highlighted through the hardest of COVID-19. We support such a broad spectrum of sectors that without us would quite literally stop moving. We help our countries lift, shift, carry and build. We truly do make a difference with what we do and our achievements are something worth celebrating.

The Think Lifting Videos, which can be shared, https://leeaint.com/thinklifting help support the story of our work. To me these videos https://leeaint.com/think-lifting-film-2  are a source of inspiration and genuinely point to how great the work we do is. I recall watching this video for the first time and being absolutely blown away, thinking how lucky I was to be a part of such an important industry. I hope that this event, GLAD2020, does the same for those of us who should know more about what we achieve. I also hope this is a catalyst to encourage the next generation of lifting equipment specialists enter our workforce and underpin our strength through the coming years.

On Thursday 9th July, we are asking everyone who comes in contact with the lifting industry to get out on Social Media and through your direct contact channels to support GLAD 2020. Use the hashtag #GLAD2020 and tell the world what you’re doing, to show how inspirational and important your work is. Post a photo or share a video of what you are working on. This is our day to show that we shouldn’t be hidden in the shadows. #GLAD2020 is the day to be front a centre and be buoyed by the work that you do. Talk to your neighbours and tell your friends (keeping appropriate distance) that you are a proud member of the lifting Equipment Industry. An industry that has so much to offer and one that will continue to help defy gravity. #GLAD2020

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