05/02/2020 - 22:05 pm

Caldwell launches Dura-Mod spreader beams

Available through the Caldwell Group global distributor network the new Dura-Mod Modular Spreader Beams are a versatile, lightweight alternative to fixed and multiple point below-the-hook solutions up to 170USt capacity.

Dura-Mod is suited to a multitude of markets including oil and gas, heavy engineering, and crane and equipment rental. It is a new rigging concept for Caldwell, and complements the existing family of fixed beams, adjustable beams, beam end fittings and ‘build your own’ spreaders.

Dura-Mod was first unveiled at the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) Product Information Exhibition (PIE) in Cleveland, Ohio last spring, but based on the response from dealers and end users alike, additional capacities have been added to the range and plans are already afoot to raise the capacity to 250USt and beyond.

Malcolm Peacock, business development specialist at Caldwell, said: “Each system will consist of a pair of end fittings and drop links, and two upper and lower shackles to make the shortest possible configuration. From there it is a simple case of combining intermediate spreader sections to achieve the required span. The single longest component is only 20ft.

“If a square or rectangular spreader frame is required you simply need to remove the end fittings and add corner sections – the struts are the same,” added the adjustable spreader beam expert, who joined the company last year. “We provide a full assembly procedure on our data sheets along with details of fasteners and torque values. We can also manufacture any custom or special parts to order to enable us and our distributors to provide a flexible service.”

Caldwell is keeping a large inventory of stock to be able to react to customers’ needs. It also communicates with various potential stock holding distributors to enable them to supply to their clients on a quick-ship basis. Peacock acknowledges that the long-term goal is to have complete US coverage of Dura-Mod stock.

Darrin Noe, director of sales at Caldwell, says, “Upon the concept’s launch, we received an overwhelming response and everyone we met was excited about having access to the product. We have since been working hard to get it finalized and ready for the US market in particular and we were ready to stage the full launch at the end of January [2020]. The versatility of the range enables distributors and Caldwell to hold substantial product and provide a certified spreader from stock. Therefore, both versatility and stocking capabilities work hand in hand.”

All Dura-Mod spreaders utilize standard shackles that are available from all major manufacturers. Caldwell specifies top sling lengths, while the load determines lower rigging. As Peacock suggested, box beams and spreader frames can be used for four-point lifts where there may be headroom restrictions. Similar to regular modular spreaders, these frames are easily stored and transported, and can be broken down and reassembled for multiple lifting applications.

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