07/09/2020 - 10:31 am

Immersive new training pack for empty container handler operators

Designed for operators of empty container handlers (ECH), CM Labs Simulations has launched a new immersive training pack simulator allows operators to experience the effects of unbalanced loads and other causes of machine instability, which allows operators to experience the effects of unbalanced loads and other causes of machine instability.

This capability is available because of the Smart Training Technology that’s incorporated in the solution. Smart Training Technology is comprised of CM Labs’ proprietary and patented algorithms and includes real-time simulation features that CM Labs says are unique on the market.

The ECH Simulator Training Pack can run on any CM Labs ports equipment simulator, including the desktop Vortex Trainer, the motion-enabled Vortex Advantage and the high-immersion Vortex Master. Because of their hot-swappable control capabilities, each simulator can run a full fleet of training packs following the full journey of cargo. This includes STS crane, ship pedestal crane, straddle carrier, rubber-tyred gantry, mobile harbour crane, reach stacker, forklift, and more.

The simulated ECH stacks eight containers high, and lifts 20, 40, and 45ft containers, with realistic manipulation of twistlocks and vertical bar, and a maximum travel speed of 27km/h.

The solution can run in a training setting designed to meet sanitising and physical distancing requirements, and provides rapid operator readiness for operating challenges, including night-time operations and reduced visibility due to weather conditions such as fog, rain, or snow.

The ECH Simulator Training Pack tracks all operating performance metrics during training exercises and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real time. Port terminals and training schools can customise this scoring system to highlight their most important standards, so that new operators can ramp up even faster.

With a focus that goes far beyond basic controls familiarisation, the ECH Simulator Training Pack exposes operators to conditions that are challenging or unsafe to replicate in real life. When paired with CM Labs’ Instructor Operating Station (IOS), the training pack allows trainers to introduce specific challenges at any time, including overload or uneven load distribution, proximity to personnel, and potholes. The IOS can be installed at a distance from the simulators to comply with training hygiene requirements, or even in an adjacent room.

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