10/05/2022 - 16:49 pm
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Kito PWB Introduces Kito RY Series Wire Rope Hoists

Kito PWB has introduced their new Kito RY Series Wire Rope Hoists. Designed for safety, reliability and performance, these low headroom wire rope hoists have an M5 duty rating for any heavy-duty lifting demand. The standard configurations are certified and conformed to Australian Standard AS 1418.

The RY Series Wire Rope Hoist provides high lifting speed for heavy-duty lifting demand where any 5t or 10t Wire Rope Hoist will be used. Best for crane services application, also suitable to use in construction, mining, manufacturing, engineering, and warehousing industry.

The RY Series hoists are loaded with revolutionary features for high demand applications including inverter control as a standard. The inverter is a dual speed variable frequency drive (VFD). These control both hoist and trolley for optimum speed adjustability as well as lifting and lowering accuracy. A low-load high-speed function allows for hoist operation at 1.5 times the standard high speed with a load less than 25% of rated capacity to increase productivity. A smooth start/stop and transition from slow to fast protects the load and supporting structure, reducing load swing and bounce, with the ability to adjust the lifting/travelling speeds to suit the users’ application.

Furthermore, the VFD incorporates an easily accessible condition monitoring system via an hour meter and operation counter. This means users can plan their preventive maintenance based around the exact hours of operation and the exact operations the hoist has done.

The RY hoist comes jam packed with safety feature, including electronic overload limiter, externally adjustable limit switches, emergency paddle limit, electronic thermal motor protection and high-performance motor brakes which are maintenance free for up to one million starts.

In conclusion, the new RY hoists will provide more value over time due to its high-performance features and improved service life.

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