06/05/2020 - 10:18 am

Kito PWB launches Australian-made Grade 100 lifting chain

Kito PWB has launched a wholly Australian-made, Grade 100 lifting chain, which is being manufactured in its Melbourne factory. With many decades manufacturing the successful Herc Alloy Grade 80 chain, Kito PWB has combined more than 500 years of chain making skills and the experience of its skilled chain makers and engineers to successfully produce KP100, believed to be the first Australian-made Grade 100 lifting chain.

KP100 has been rigorously engineered, manufactured and tested to conform to both Kito PWB’s ISO:9001 quality system and Australian Standard AS 2321:2014 – Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes. Kito PWB says that KP100 meets and exceeds the requirements of AS 2321:2014 for V100 chains.

In common with its other chains, every link of KP100 has been proof tested. Australian Standards for manufacturing lifting chains state that the chain must be tested by the manufacturer at 2 x the WLL (Working Load Limit). Kito PWB has, and will continue to, test every manufactured chain to 2.5 x WLL. The aim is to provide its customers with complete peace of mind when using these chains in the industry.

Since it first started manufacturing lifting chains, Kito PWB has been using Australian made steel from companies such as: BHP and Liberty Onesteel. Australian-made steel uses Australian mined and processed iron ore and Kito PWB believes it is important to support Australian jobs and families.

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