03/07/2023 - 14:50 pm

New QMS and product type approval certification from Yoke

Yoke has announced  the latest issue of its QMS and Product Type Approval certificate programme with over 60 product types, 23 certificates and over 36 individual items receiving their new or updated approvals, with more coming soon.

The update covers a completely new range of UKCA certificates across both regular and digital products, DGUV on the digital Super Point range, DNV digital shackles, CE on digital lifting points and hoist rings, digital snatch blocks, wide body shackles and ROV products and updated ABS certification on digital snatch blocks.

Yoke continues to invest in product type approvals demanded by both the end user and its clients to ensure the products meet all the global requirements to ensure strict compliance with international end user specifications. The Yoke Product Type Approval programme is designed to give customers the assurance they demand.

The new brochure can be downloaded and all the digital products can be scanned with a mobile device for the Yoke original certificate and a third party certificate can be added using the RiConnect AddCert function making this a sustainable and digital value-added option.


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