11/12/2020 - 14:45 pm

PTB Special Products develops hi-tech transport trucks for the Port of Singapore

PTB Special Products will supply remote-controlled battery exchange trucks for the Port of Singapore. The special platform trucks were developed to change out batteries for automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The Port of Singapore uses these AGVs for unattended and automatic transfer of sea containers. To ensure 24/7 availability, these electric carriers require regular battery changes. A single battery weighs almost 7t.

In 2030, the new Tuas Mega Port will replace the Singapore port district, bringing the current capacity of 35 million containers a year up to 65 million. The Tuas Mega Port plan aims for a high degree of automation. The AGV container systems and PTB battery exchange trucks will play a key role in autonomous container transfer in the world’s second largest port.

Machine manufacturer PTB Special Products, from the Dutch city of Groningen, was selected for this project because of its highly specialised knowledge in this area, which  involves complex customisation. In addition to standard functions such as battery lifting, transfer and positioning, the main requirements are geared towards minimising deviations during battery pack placement and meticulous control precision. To meet these challenges, PTB designed the machine with a radio remote control system, for safe and accurate battery placement in the AGVs. The machines also feature a special sideshift function, enabling lateral platform movement. This technology is not normally offered in pallet trucks because their structure cannot accommodate it.

PTB Special Products develops custom transport solutions with capacities of up to 50t, including pallet trucks, stackers and electric tugs. The company started back in 1976 with the development of its own line of battery-powered transport machinery. Today it focuses on custom machinery for special and extreme applications. Companies all around the world such as Mercedes-Benz, Philips, Saint Gobain, ASML and Hitachi – use countless PTB transport machines for complex logistics activities. PTB Special Products has two production sites in Groningen. It is part of the PTB Group.

While the plant readies the battery exchange trucks for shipment to Singapore, preparations are underway to build two platform trucks, one with 12t of lifting capacity, and the other with 20. Both machines are for a company that produces transformers for the electricity grid.

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