23/03/2020 - 16:42 pm

Sling Protection

Lift-It Manufacturing Co Inc based in Pomona, USA has completed a three-year project dedicated to testing and developing a “sling protection program” that, when used properly, will protect slings from cutting and abrasion damage. The resultant manuals can be off use to those employing slings all over the world.

Sling protection is a critical consideration for all load handling activities whenever sling damage may occur. While some sling types are more robust than others, “cut proof” slings and/or sling protection
does not exist. Sling users, industry experts, safety and training professionals provided input which was used by a Human Factors Expert to develop five different sling protection user manuals. The six-page, sling protection user manuals contain warnings and guidance for the proper use and inspection of sling protection. Available in English and Spanish versions, the sling protection user manuals also are the basis for the Lift-It sling protection training program.

Michael J Gelske, Sr, Lift-It owner and CEO said, “We have been passionate about promoting sling protection for 41 years. The copyrighted Lift-It sling protection user manuals will be donated to the
Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) and hopefully will become the genesis for a sling protection safety standard. Our gift is made with the sole expectation of assisting conscientious riggers in successful load handling activities and is a token of our appreciation to an industry that for many years has provided a livelihood for our Lift-It families”.

Lift-it Manufacturing is a recognised leader in the sling and rigging industry and for 41 years has provided high quality rigging products available. Lift-It safety professionals provide training at the Lift-It Learning Center in Pomona, California and also bring dynamic training programs to customers’ locations.

Additional information on sling protection, sling protection user manuals and/or training is available by emailing info@lift-it.com.

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