16/06/2020 - 13:18 pm
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Tough  C-Series hoist lasts more than one million cycles

Konecranes has introduced the new C-Series electric chain hoist to Australia, Singapore, China, and Malaysia, with the rest of the APAC region to be included progressively in the months ahead. It is designed to be the most durable electric chain hoist available, to provide a hard-working industrial hoist for industries such as manufacturing, materials handling, infrastructure, power generation, steel, automotive and waste-to-energy.

James Dowe, managing director of Konecranes Australia and New Zealand says,“The new Konecranes C-Series is designed for operators seeking minimal downtime and long hoist service life. It has an entirely new workhorse motor, improved chain sprockets, proven braking technology, enhanced operator comfort and simple serviceability.”


Powerful new motor

The Konecranes C-Series features a new motor engineered for optimum efficiency with enhanced built-in cooling to reduce heat build-up and extend power to the hoist. The enhanced cooling, coupled with its extended cycle duty factor, allows for longer continuous operation up to 60% ED* compared with the standard 40%. (*% ED refers to intermittent Duty Rating, which shows how much time a motor can be operating within a given period of time – maximum 10 minutes.)

“Rigorous in-house testing has resulted in Konecranes’ most reliable and long-lasting motor to-date. The longevity of the motor also reduces the need to service the hoist as often, further reducing downtime,” says Dowe.


Reliable components to maximise uptime

To keep busy operations moving, Konecranes has designed improvements into the core components of the new hoists to boost their service life, enhance safety and improve performance. New features include: purpose-built long-lasting gearbox; redesigned sprocket and proven braking technology.

The new lifetime lubricated gearbox is capable of greater speeds, low noise levels, and enhanced performance and safety with a new safety clutch design. The new sprocket fits seamlessly with the hoist chain drive. The pairing decreases hoist downtime and provides smooth, consistent performance. Konecranes’ brakes are designed to last more than one million operations, and the Konecranes C-Series includes improved self-adjusting brakes with a longer coil life. Safety is enhanced with a brake that always engages, even in cases of power loss.


Enhanced comfort and simple serviceability

The new Konecranes C-Series has been designed for efficient use of available working space. A new top bracket design allows easy installation, positioning the hoist in an optimal position to have less wear between chain and chain guide.

“In addition to user comfort features, the hoists are fast to install and simple to maintain, to maximise uptime. There is easy access to all wearing components, so the hoist can be up and running in minutes,” says Dowe.


Award-winning design

The new Konecranes C-Series hoists, along with the complementary Konecranes S-Series hoists, have been recognised by Design Forum Finland, winning the 2020 Fennia IPR Excellence prize for the protection of intellectual property rights and with the S-series earning honourable mention for the top design award.

The Fennia Prize competition awards companies and organisations that use design strategically in their business operations. This can be seen in many different ways, including products, services or business concepts. The awards are granted every second year by Design Forum Finland, Fennia Group, Elo and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

The Fennia Prize is part of the Design Forum Finland awards (DFF Awards). DFF supports the growth of Finnish companies and organisations, and their international competitiveness and success, by promoting the use of design especially on a strategic level.

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