17/04/2023 - 11:32 am

A Magni TH 6.20 builds a dinosaur

In creating a new display, the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra, Australia, built an impressive dinosaur. A Magni TH fixed telehandler took care of the handling and erection of the structure.

The National Dinosaur Museum is a permanent exhibition of prehistoric specimens from the southern hemisphere, located at Gold Creek Village, near Canberra. The museum’s exhibition follows the different stages of the earth’s evolution, with a special focus on the age of dinosaurs.

Since its foundation in 1993, the museum has continued to expand. In fact, when putting together a new display, it chose to add a new imposing dinosaur to its collection. A Magni TH 6.20 with a maximum capacity of 6t and a maximum height of 20m was used to complete the assembly and positioning operations. This model proved to be the perfect solution due to the versatility and precision of its telescopic boom.

The machine was supplied by the rental company Jonox Telescopic Forklift Hire, which owns two TH 6.20s and will soon take delivery of a RTH 7.26. This company has been a customer of Allift, Magni’s dealer for the eastern region of Australia, for several years and they have built up a strong relationship over time based on the quality and reliability of Magni TH products.

The 2t jib was the key attachment to get the job done, allowing to both move and assemble the different parts of the dinosaur in complete safety.  Carrying out multiple jobs by simply changing the equipped attachment is a hallmark of Magni telescopic handlers.

Magni says that it was delighted to help ensure that this themed museum continued to provide unforgettable thrills and experiences to  families and tourists from all over Australia.

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