01/09/2021 - 10:35 am

Gantry for security

A Reid PortaGantry with Wind-Up Jack Legs is helping a security and anti-terrorism specialist in Taiwan to lift and transport high tech goods at its two separate warehouses in and around the city of Taipei.

The fast-growing security company supplies everything from riot shields and drone defence systems to night vision equipment, X-ray luggage inspection cameras and armoured vehicles. The equipment is moved around inside its warehouses and sometimes transported between the two, so the requirement was for a lifting solution which would work in both.

Some of the equipment stocked weighs as much as 3000kg, which would normally require a forklift or stacker. However, the company was reluctant to invest in separate and expensive lifting solutions for two separate warehouses, so contacted Reid distributor Hwe Wang to discuss alternative, better value options which could easily be moved between the two.

Hwe Wang recommended the Reid PortaGantry because it had all the lifting capacity required but, because it is manufactured from aluminium, is also portable and lightweight. Taking into account the typical lifting requirement in both warehouses, Hwe Wang specified a PortaGantry system with a WLL capacity of 3000kg. It comprises a PortaGantry Tall A-Frame which is 4847mm high to the top of the beam and a 3920mm long beam, versatile enough to accommodate a number of chain and hoist options. They chose Wind-up Jack Legs in addition to the standard castors, which allow for independent height adjustment of up to 250mm if the gantry needs to be used on an uneven surface. When the PortaGantry was delivered to the customer’s warehouse in Taipei, the Hwe Wang team demonstrated how to assemble and use the system safely, including how to install and operate an electric chain hoist. What is proving particularly useful is the fact that the

PortaGantry can be quickly and easily assembled with just four bolts and no special tools. With the A-Frame weighing 87kg and the beam just 37kg, it is as light and portable enough for the security company to move and transport as required.

Mr Hu, purchasing manager at the customer company says, “Unlike a forklift or stacker, the Reid PortaGantry lifting  solution doesn’t need any formal training or license to operate, so we could deploy it in the warehouse straightaway and start getting all the benefits. It’s delivering all we wanted in terms of performance and of course value as well.”

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