01/09/2022 - 12:51 pm

Haihua made 30% savings due to MyCrane 

Beijing-based Haihua Industry Group, involved in the production and trade of chemical industry products and equipment for the oil and energy sectors, made use of MyCrane’s innovative online crane rental platform to get better access to equipment, and make substantial savings.

MyCrane is a Dubai-based digital disruptor for the cranes and construction industries, currently celebrating its first anniversary.

Using the free MyCrane service, Haihua was able to source a 400t crawler crane for use on three column installations at a refinery. Critical lift was required at 28m radius and 77m height for the 22.8t column sections.

After receiving a range of easily comparable commercial offers, Haihua awarded the lifting contract to Sinopec Heavy Lifting and Transportation Co Ltd, who proposed a Sany crane, SCC4000A, in LJ configuration (super lift).

Assistance with the contract for lifting services; preparation of engineered drawings; and client support up until safe execution were all provided by MyCrane.

Via MyCrane, the client was able to select a crane already located in the same region as the job site, generating savings of 30% compared to other quotes – a clear demonstration of the value offered by the MyCrane platform.

MyCrane founder and CEO Andrei Geikalo said, “In our initial discussions, it became apparent that most contractors known to the client were unable to meet its requirements, particularly in relation to site space and budget constraints.

“Fortunately, the client was able to use the MyCrane rental platform to quickly access a range of additional suppliers who were able to propose different options, and then award the project to their preferred contractor based on technical and commercial criteria.

“Haihua thanked MyCrane for facilitating the successful execution of this installation, all within the deadlines required. This project highlights how MyCrane provides access for customers to the whole of the market of crane rental companies, resulting in time and costs savings; and new customers and opportunities for suppliers.”

Xu Xinghuai, manager at Sinopec Heavy Lifting and Transportation Co Ltd, which supplied the crane, added: “We registered at MyCrane just a month ago and have already been awarded this very nice job for our 400t crawler crane, and it was all done online! It’s great to make use of a tool that exposes your company to additional customers and orders, without meetings, call or emails.”

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