20/10/2022 - 17:05 pm

Hoists for personal watercraft

MC Resort, Tsuruga Bay, Japan, is a comprehensive marine resort combining accommodation, a hot spring and marine-sports facilities. Personal watercraft are particularly popular for the freedom they allow in motoring around the bay. Kito products are in constant use in handling the watercraft.

During peak season they sometimes the personal watercraft are lifted 80 times a day, and Kito chain hoists are a big help. Combining the resort’s original under-hook devices with Kito web slings makes it easy to prepare personal watercraft for use.

Personal watercraft are generally moved using forklifts and hoists. “The variable-speed, remote-controlled models are especially useful,” says the MC Resort.

With no external propeller, fast, agile personal watercraft are great for quick, safe trips out to people in need of help in the water. Fire departments across Japan typically maintain fleets of them as rescue gear.  To help ensure customer fun with peace of mind, MC Resort works to encourage safe operation, going through a checklist with the customer before departure.

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