27/02/2022 - 17:42 pm

Toyota takes strain from Andromeda  

A New South Wales manufacturer of steel cables and rubber products has grown its business over the course of 40 years with help from the l reliability, safety and sustainability of Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) forklifts.

Andromeda Industries, based just outside of Tamworth, recently expanded its fleet of Toyota forklifts to three with the addition of an 8-Series 62-8FD30 3.0t diesel forklift – an easy choice after 30 years of TMHA patronage.

Andromeda Industries’ director and owner Raymond McLaren bought his first Toyota forklift approximately 20 years ago, and the following years of stress-free ownership and easy usability ensured he kept coming back to Toyota product.

“They’re just so smooth. I’m an engineer and I like fine things as well, and the Toyota forklift is a very resolved design, everything seems to be right about it,” McLaren said.

“It’s quiet, it’s smooth, it works properly, all the gear ratios seem to be right, it travels fast enough, slow enough, the hydraulic system has been well resolved.”

Using his spare time to build handmade timber jewellery boxes with no glue, metal hinges or metal fastenings, McLaren is well accustomed to excellent craftsmanship – something he identified in his fleet of Toyota forklifts.

“In my design work I talk about ‘climax’ designs like the CV joint – they’re perfect,” McLaren said.

“And the 2-3t Toyota forklift to me are just about a climax design. How can you get it better than this? Everything to me is just about right.”

McLaren trusts his TMHA equipment to deal with not only steel cables and rubber matting, but also specialty jobs hauling particularly expensive equipment.

“I drive them myself,” he says. “I have had to reassemble some very expensive astronomical equipment recently including a 400kg glass mirror worth over a million dollars, and I had to drive one of the forklifts myself. I trust these things, they do everything right.”

For an excellent ownership experience, trust must come not only from the equipment, but also the quality of service, and the relationship that Mr McLaren has with TMHA Newcastle area sales manager Allan Peacock proves that there is more to TMHA ownership than simply a sale.

Peacock said his relationship with Andromeda Industries started in 2012 with the purchase of a Toyota 62-8FD20 2.0t diesel forklift, and has now blossomed into one of great respect.

“Andromeda Industries is an awe-inspiring company, especially when you meet Mr McLaren,” he said.

“The inspiration, integrity, knowledge and engineering ingenuity of this man is totally amazing.”

Prompt and reliable servicing are key parts of the Toyota Advantage, and the performance of Peacock’s team has helped ensure the Andromeda Industries factory continues to run like clockwork.

McLaren described the performance of the Toyota forklifts as, “just about perfect”, while also singing the praises of Peacock and his passion for the work that Andromeda Industries does.

“Well, I think it’s just about perfect. I never hear any complaints or any problems, I don’t see anything, it just goes smoothly. They just work,” he said.

“He’s a great person to work with, Allan. He’s a very supportive person, he has such enthusiasm for our product and can see what we’re doing – Allan is fantastic.”

Having used competitor forklifts in the past, the decision to keep purchasing TMHA equipment has shown Andromeda Industries’ preference for the exceptional performance, reliability and safety brought by Toyota forklifts.

McLaren said he would have no problem recommending Toyota to others in the industry, pointing to his own superb ownership experience as a reason to encourage others to turn to TMHA.

“When you come across a perfect article, you recommend it of course,” he said.

“Anybody who wants a forklift, I just say ‘look at these’.”

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