09/11/2020 - 19:09 pm

Take control of the stores.

SlingRakz Systems’ range of storage and handling solutions for lifting and rigging products are being developed in response to a changing working environment.

Anyone who has worked for just a few years in the lifting industry will have encountered the Aladdin’s cave of storage areas where products have been more dumped than stored confusing and obscuring the equipment. Not only is it inadvisable to house, what are essentially pieces of safety equipment in this way, it makes them difficult to lift and handle and hard to assess their condition.

Modern health and safety regulations makes it inadvisable to manually haul and drag heavy chains, slings and equipment about the workshop. A changing demographic in the workplace may require that equipment is easier to handle by different people of different ages and sexes. Efficient equipment management and testing protocols are important for traceability and safety.

SlingRakz range of professionally designed racking, storage and safe handling products and solutions can: minimise manual handling; minimise physical lifting; allow for easier, more orderly storage and reduce manpower requirements.

SlingRakz is a relatively new business, but the team of four driving the business have some 70 years of  combined experience with the design, supply and servicing of lifting, rigging and materials handling products. The product range currently consists of storage racking and chain handling solutions but new products are being developed all the time.

Steve Anderson, one of the directors of SlingRakz says, “Our aim is to develop products that will make lifting equipment easier to handle.

“Some equipment is too heavy to lift according to health and safety regulations, but the workforce is changing and is no longer solely comprised of 45 year old men with broad shoulders, “ says Steve.

“”I first noticed that there was a growing number of women working in the mining and oil and gas industries and also in stores – but there are also older and younger people to take into account too.”

The products are being manufactured in Western Australia . SlingRakz has Partnered with  The Global Lifting Group of Companies in Australia and is currently in discussions with companies  in Singapore ,  Indonesia, Malaysia , Philippines and Europe to become distribution partners.

As well as the standard products SlingRakz  custom builds to clients requirements. Customers can provide a rigging equipment list, with an idea of what wall and floor space they have to work with and SlingRakz  can offer a custom designed and built racking, storage and handling solution for your business.

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