07/05/2020 - 09:21 am
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CeMAT Australia launches webinar series

Having postponed its 2020 event because of COVID-19, CeMAT Australia has partnered with warehouse automation experts Fuzzy LogX to deliver, 9 Steps to Future-proofing your Warehouse, a nine-part interactive online series.

The series, starting May 2020, seeks to address the unforeseen pressures put on the supply chain by COVID-19. Some companies have experienced unmeetable demand and others have excess inventory. There have been ramifications for workers, distribution and fulfilment profiles, shipping methods, demand prediction analytics and more.

With intralogistics technology and systems advancing at a rapid rate – knowledge and best practices can help businesses of every size to design warehouses and distribution systems that can adapt and scale when needed.

The webinar series will take attendees step-by-step through each facet of warehouse design and improvement – from receiving and inventory management to put-away and replenishment, as well as picking, packing and dispatch. Applying first principles in DC Design to achieving your business case.

It will feature insights and innovations that can take a warehouse of any size to a new level of scalability, efficiency and resilience. There will be how-to guides, best practices, case studies and a panel discussion. Attendees will be encouraged to interact – submitting questions both ahead of a session and in real-time during the webinar.

You can sign up at https://www.cemat.com.au/webinarsignup

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