23/10/2019 - 11:02 am

First days of Skyjack’s Shitbox Rally

LHA is proud to be a sponsor of Skyjack’s entry in the biannual Shitbox Rally raising money for Cancer charities. Team 19ft High Club is be taking place in the current event driving its “Shitbox” 3614km between Melbourne and Townsville.

The Shitbox Rally is not a race, rather a challenge to drive cars worth just AU$1,000 across Australia via some of its most formidable roads, all in the name of charity.

The 19ft High Club team consists of managing director of Queensland Access and Jason Cranmer is Sales and Operations director of Skyjack Australia. The team aims to raise some AU$80,000 for the Cancer Council.

The team is driving a Mitsubishi L300 Van with over 450,000k on the clock – “A true Shitbox,” said Cranmer – the vehicle’s paint-job depicts a 19m scissor on a trailer covered in sponsors’ logos.

The rally started on 19 October. On the first couple of days Law says, “We have had a good trip so far, the car is struggling to do 85km/hour as it has an issue we can’t find limiting power.”

On the first day the team did 590km; on day two – 520km on dirt. “We arrived in White Cliffs at 9pm and we’re the second last team in 38 teams,” said Law

He added, “The food has been great, the sun set and sun rise amazing.”

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